Three signs of positive mental health

It’s easy to look at the ways we could be inadequate. We observe ourselves taking a downturn, and we’re on Google searching for the signs and symptoms that most relate to our energy and emotion at the time. It’s easy to assume the worse.

What about signs of doing well? There’s three main factors in your life that I feel showcase your mental agility. When the goings gets tough, how do you react? How do you perceive others? How do you respond to your emotion? In other words… You don’t believe there’s a problem with other people (and the world)

A belief that there is a problem with others and the world? It could be an unconscious response to your own inadequacies.

If you can put trust in others (where and when it’s earned) and you have faith in the ability of your community (and humanity) to overcome their problems (from locally to internationally), this is a huge sign that you’re displaying positive emotion towards others.

What does this mean? Your intentions are well, you’ve probably forgiven others (and yourself) for your past, therefore living for the moment (and future), not filling yourself with resentment and anger at past mistakes you (and nobody else) can do anything about.

Have trust and put faith in others.

You take full responsibility for your emotions and fulfilment

A huge positive factor in your mental health is the ability to take responsibility for how you feel, and your own achievements.

You need to give your own life meaning. We are complex beings and often we can struggle to take responsibility for own our action, thoughts and behaviours.

Self-reflecting, taking a good look at your own thought patterns, emotions and behaviour? It can be hard for any of us, but if you can successfully take control of how you feel and set the long-term goals required to truly be fulfilled? Not only does it showcase your are mentally well, it will also help keep you mentally stable, reinforcing the positive emotion associated with the pleasure of working towards goals and personal targets.

You have the courage to take control of your environment

What happens when things get out of control? Do you lose your strength and courage, or can you stand up and do the right thing?

When it’s all said and done, things can happen, we lose control of situations, and even in some cases we can lose control of our own lives.

Marriages break down. Families fall apart. Jobs become redundant.

How do you get up after you’ve taken a fall? How do you react to adverse environments? Can you cope under the pressure?

They are some interesting questions. Taking the time to ask yourself them will give you a clear insight into your strengths, weaknesses (and possible arrogance, if your own self-image does not represent your actual self when the going gets tough).

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