Making A Change Is A Decision

Did you ever realise that making a change is actually just a simple as making a decision?

Just like you decide what you eat for breakfast, you decide whether you smoke, what job role you have, how much money you make. Taking responsibility for all of this can seem overwhelming, but ultimately it’s the truth.
I work with clients all over the world, some of them want to simply want to stop smoking, whilst others need to work to become more high-performance individuals within specialist careers. By the time we have finished, they are all looking for the same thing: to make the decision to change.

It can be hard, and often we externalise all of our thoughts, feelings and circumstances, becoming void of responsibility. We trade our eight to ten hours a day at work, separating ourselves from the work we actually do. We smoke, whilst acknowledging we want to be more healthier and with the knowledge that smoking is going to ultimately make us weak. We indulge in practices all day, all week and all month that that contradicts our plans for the future, disregarding our own lives for the pursuit of short-lived spikes of happiness and excitement.

My question is: why? And how can you change? For many of my clients, there are three things that they embrace that allow them to change more than anything I’ve experienced.

Exercise and Yoga
How often do you exercise? Have you ever practised yoga and breathing techniques?
I have several clients who, after starting a new routine of exercise (and/or yoga) have gone on to make many other changes in their lives, often drastic and changes they know they needed to make for a long time.
It’s as though the exercise, the new routine and possibly the increase in self-control (consistent exercise means building discipline), their chances of making a positive change increase dramatically.

Enrolling on a course or learning path
We all need to know more. We all want to know more. We have areas of interest that are untapped. Even smart people need to educate themselves consistently.

Enrolling on a new course (either online or within a college) can be one of the most revitalizing things anyone can do, and quite often it leads to new social groups and connections that completely change the path you’re on completely, meeting new people who have similar interests (both in your professional and personal life).

Taking a new job role or starting their own business
There’s nothing like a new job role, new colleagues and a new journey every morning that makes you embrace change with more positivity.

Even more so when you open your own business, when you are left to your own devices, ideas and self-determination to make things work. Either of these changes will allow you to grow and expand your abilities exponentially.

What changes have you made to your life recently? What changes do you expect to make in the coming weeks and months? 2019 is approaching, don’t wait for the New Year to make the change, you can choose to make the change today. Call me on for a confidential chat on how we could work together to turn your dreams into reality.

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